Andrew & Sephora's Wedding | Toronto Wedding Photographer

Married on July 19, 2014, I rushed excitedly to where the girls were getting ready at Salon Verve in Vaughan. All the girls were relaxed and joking. I love this start to the day, getting to adjust to the mood of joy around me and hear the bride's last minute hopes, jitters, and delights. After hair and makeup, we go back to the bride's house for gifts and putting on her dress. I delight in displaying the details of the day in everyday places :) So fun!

Then over to the guys where the well-meaning banter keeps going amidst the day's most intense conundrum- the pocket square. Oh, men. You have not yet gone to war until you have wrestled with a pocket square. You may laugh, but I have seen it almost every wedding....

But all of this fades away into the perfection of one moment- when he sees her walking down that aisle. He struggled to keep it in. I struggled to keep it in. His face said it all. Love made it all worth it.

Enjoy this photo journey of the day and know I just wanted to post them all, but here are the ones I picked to show you. 

**Fun fact: Andrew is a brillant programmer and asked Sephora to marry him by designing a computer game that when she won said, "Will you marry me?" My favorite part of this story is that it took Sephora a few times to win, thereby prolonging Andrew's torchure.


Wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses: Mona Richie

Tuxes: Moores

Wedding cake: Daniel Singh

Rings: Peoples



Videography: Meridian Sons Films

Ceremony: NewLife Church in Woodbrigde

Reception: DaVinci Banquet Hall

Photos: McMichael's Art Gallery