Toronto Wedding Photographer | Justin & Amanda's Wedding

June 27, 2015

Whenever I think back to Justin and Amanda's day, the word that comes to mind is magical. Secret garden. Bare feet. Washing each other's feet. Rain brought the vibrant greens to life as we giggled and embraced it all. With a bridal party of 22 in total, it was beautiful to see how genuinely Justin and Amanda are loved by their community. This was such a genuine celebration of love- keeping away from tradition just for tradition's sake, they chose details that told their story. There were so many tears of joy that day- so many stories of enduring love as it was also the wedding anniversary of the Bride's parents. Then we danced the night away!!

Sidenote: I always tell the couples I work with that most likely something will go wrong on the wedding day. You will notice that in one of the photos, the bride and groom are eating a strawberry- that was because the wedding cake was accidentally eaten! I was glad I got a picture of it before it was because it was STUNNING!! The bride and groom just totally rolled with it and share a ceremonial eating of strawberries :) It made me happy. 

  • Cake Baker

    Linda Armbruster

  • Florist

    Peridot Floral

  • Caterer

    Edna Smith

  • Musician or DJ

    Mark Foster & Mark Cici

  • Officiant

    Garry James

  • Wedding Bands

    Michael Hill (Groom)

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