Simon and Sarah's Switzerland PreWedding Shoot | Destination Wedding Photographer

Nothing strikes excitement into the heart of a photographer like a destination wedding. But a destination wedding where I get to meet new, awesome people and frolic in mountains and capture romance all while eating as much cheese as humanly possible? All of my life goals have been achieved. And I'm almost not exaggerating. I had met Sarah a few years back at another wedding which she was in and amazingly, she happened to remember me. We chatted and asked, "Would there be any way you'd want to come to Switzerland and shoot my wedding?" To which I answered.... I think I answered back but I don't remember because I was probably screaming. Like a child who has just been given a puppy. 

Anyhoo, I made it there and they were like "Wanna go do our first look on a mountain?" Heck yes. We drove up into the mountains and to me, everything was mind-blowing. I loved the fog, the mountain streams so clear they were turquoise, the trees, the way the ferns grew in between the rocks- I was like, we only have one day to shoot up here?! 

Simon and Sarah changed at a hotel we found and I found a little spot off the road where I led Simon and told him not to turn around until his bride came. I loved seeing the look on his face when he turned and started walking to her. Priceless. The perfect beginning to our shoot after which we drove through the mountains, stopping wherever we liked. 

To end a perfect day, we went down the mountain to a small grocery store and got ingredients for raclette to make back at their apartment.