Simon & Sarah's Switzerland Wedding Pt. 1 | Destination Wedding Photographer

Part 1:

Would you let your friends plan your wedding? You might want to after seeing this. It was a gorgeous day in the Swiss countryside at a quaint village church. This was the setting for the most unique wedding I have ever been to, hands down. Some of the elements were traditional, but the community came around this couple to make it special. A full band for worship, officiated in English by a good friend of the bride and groom who flew in from America with a Swiss German translator, and video from an organization Sarah and Simon volunteered with were all a part of the ceremony. But the real show stopper was how they got their rings. After the emotional and gripping vows written by the couple, everyone turned their attention to the back of the church where one of their friends was driving a remote controlled.... box up to the front. The couple opened the box and it had a clue inside as to where their rings might be. Then, before anyone had time to react, 2 small white parachutes with their wedding bands attached fell from the choir loft down to the floor where the groom picked them up. It was epic. 

After the ceremony, the fun continued with a colorful syrup bar for guests waiting for the couple to finish family and bridal party photos. Then Simon and Sarah led their guests down the street to the gorgeous Hotel Crone for lunch while being serenaded by one of the couple's talented friends. 

The next part deviated from anything I have ever seen at a wedding. A test of manliness. And it was awesome! The couple led the guests from the luncheon to the nearby river where the groom, who was made to change into swim trunks at the hotel, was told that as a show of his manliness, he must swim across the river and back and then build a fire from scratch to warm his new wife by. Simon had done his time in the army so thankfully he already had these skills. 

Having completed the tasks, Simon changed back into his tux and was escorted to a decorated bicycle ricksha were he was told to drive his new bride over the covered bridge to the vehicle they would be chauffeured in for the rest of the day. 

WHEW! Stay tuned for the rest of this wedding later this week to see the epic photo-taking adventure where we discovered a pond and waterfalls and the equally epic reception!