Simon & Sarah's Switzerland Wedding Pt. 2 | Destination Wedding Photographer

The second part of this wedding had the groom cycling his new bride in a ricksha to their next mode of transportation picked out by their friends- a tiny clown car. Seeing the scale was hilarious, but they fit! I was running as fast as I could ahead of them to get these shots- haha! Then we ran around the village doing photos, then drove into the country and found a field, and then the BEST part! We decided to randomly turn down a forest road and get out. As we walked in between the ivy-drapped trees, we came across a crystal clear pond with a mini-waterfall and some streams. I was so thrilled when Sarah said yes to taking her shoes off and wading through it! I love working with adventurous couples!

Finally we arrived at the reception where we were ushered up the stairs into a beautiful room with all the guests. And then EVERYONE started dancing the same choreographed dance around the bride and groom! It was so funny to capture the look of confusion on their faces, but then they quickly joined in!

After this it was time for the unveiling of the reception hall- so beautifully decorated by the friends and family. I remember walking in feeling like I was in Beauty and the Beast- my imagination started going wild! 

There were too many creative and hilarious moments to recount throughout the evening, but there was an epic end to this epic day. To send the bride and groom off at 1am, all the guests went outside with candles in paper bags and walked the bride and groom to a square in the village. By the light of the candles, the guests and couple were serenaded with a love song accompanied by acoustic guitar and sent off. 

It. Was. Perfect.