Simon & Sarah's Switzerland Wedding Pt. 2 | Destination Wedding Photographer

Simon & Sarah's Switzerland Wedding Pt. 2 | Destination Wedding Photographer

The second part of this wedding had the groom cycling his new bride in a ricksha to their next mode of transportation picked out by their friends- a tiny clown car. Seeing the scale was hilarious, but they fit! I was running as fast as I could ahead of them to get these shots- haha! Then we ran around the village doing photos, then drove into the country and found a field, and then the BEST part!

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Toronto Wedding Photographer | Ahmed & Salma's Wedding

This day was filled with soft florals and a Palestinian drum line mixed with the joyful shouts of family and friends against the beautiful Parkwood Estate in Oshawa. I absolutely loved being a part of Ahmed and Salma's celebration of love- their faces glowed!  They had already had a small ceremony in which they exchanged their vows and I was honored to capture their reception that had Western and Middle Eastern elements mixed together beautifully. 


Josh & Jen's Wedding

June 20, 2015 | Montreal, QC

Josh and Jen chose to train me out to Montreal for their gorgeous wedding. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed into their family. I loved being so close to them during the time surrounding the wedding, feeling the joy emanating from their family and bridal party. The excitement in the atmosphere was contagious! 

I am always inspired by genuine emotion. Jen's vision for the day was that all their loved ones be included, that we have a blast while taking photos in Old Port, Montreal, and that she could dance until the last moment of the day. All of that certainly came true. She picked the best bridal party who were willing to try any crazy thing! Josh only had eyes for his stunning bride and they savored every moment. 

At the end of the day Jen exclaimed "This is the best day of my life! I would do it again!" This is what makes me love what I do!!

Toronto Wedding Photographer | Mike & Esther's Wedding

Mike and Esther are enjoyers of the small things. It's the details that made their relationship, and I loved how they incorporated them into their wedding day. Legos are a part of that significance- legos were a part of the engagement and the wedding as you will see :) The wedding party was so fun and chill and a little rain couldn't ruin the adventure! We played like crazy kids at the ROC Pioneer Village for pictures. My kind of day!


Matt & Nicole's Wedding | Toronto Wedding Photographer

Matt & Nicole are an adventurous couple that have a "Why not? Let's try it!" attitude. Their carefree yet sentimental personalities made the day fun yet so heartfelt. The moment Matt saw Nicole for their first look, he could barely contain his excitement, while Nicole shyly hid her pleased smile. I loved being a part of their special day! And they had a bomb bridal party! Just saying. 


Brian & Ashley's Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

Hey there friends! Whew! What a crazy year 2014 was in so many areas of my life. But I am so thankful for all the amazing experiences I got to have! One of my faves was this wedding! It is the first wedding to be blogged on my new site- woot woot!

I was honored to be flown down to Greenville, SC for this stunning wedding on a cliff! I love destination weddings, and as usual, I had the hardest time cutting it down to a few images to share with you! This wedding was so intimate and heartfelt. So much class and I could tell that the Brian and Ashley wanted to give each of their attendees all of their attention. And I loved the speeches- so fun to hear stories of true love!



Flowers: Fairytale Florist

MUAH: Halton Hair

Venue: The Cliffs