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Em the Photographer

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Emily, you're free to call me Em. I have been doing photography since 2010 when I had the epiphany that photography could fuse my two loves together: PEOPLE + ART. I love what I do. Everyone you see on my site are real people who trusted me with their special moments. You look good- you may scoff inside, but please give me a chance to prove it! You're worth capturing.

I love working with couples who are fun-loving, adventurous, love to play and explore, and are easy-going!

I specialize in weddings, couples, portraits, and families. Reveling in color, light and details, my mind almost never stops exploring new ways to make something look pretty.

I do, however, leave newborn photos to professional baby whisperers who can fold your baby into crazy awesome shapes. I cannot.

The Lady Behind the Camera

  • I'm a '88 baby

  • From Minnesota, USA aka Land of 10,000 Lakes

  • I like puns- too much. Way too much.

  • I like to have fun- I will probably dance at your reception

  • I love experimenting with dyeing pieces of fabric in my spare time with blueberries and other random things

  • Sometimes I find myself humming my first cell phone ring ever

  • I once took a "character traits" quiz and it said my highest trait was "appreciation of beauty". Yeah..... that fits. I can stare at a lamppost and come up with an art project!

  • Ask me questions!

Preferred vendor at Belcroft Estates and Holland Marsh Wineries and Bradford Barn