What's your style & Do you edit each photo?

I have a light, bright, and even-toned style that comes out in my art. My wedding galleries are always a mix of artistic shots and candids. I can shoot in any lighting, I come prepared.  I personally edit each photo.

DO you pose us?

I call my style "directed, not posed". This means instead of a go-to pose, I take time in our engagement session to learn how you both fit together naturally before I make suggestions. I like genuine experiences so I ask questions that are meaningful to evoke responses that convey your relationship with each other. By the time I work with you on your wedding, we are comfortable with each other and you know what to expect!

What is your role in MY wedding?


You should experience first-hand every moment of your day. You should not have to look at a clock or a schedule the entire day. This belief has led me to come alongside and be very involved with keeping your wedding day on-time by helping us move through the day in an organized and timely fashion. It has helped my couples to avoid a lot of stress and be able to be present in each moment without worrying about "the next thing". 

My role in your wedding day starts long before the actual day arrives. Our first initial get-to-know-you meeting helps us both determine if we are the perfect fit for each other.

After securing your date with me, you book your engagement session and we find some locations that perfectly convey your relationship. I love going to unusual places- met at a racetrack or stamp-collecting convention? Sweet- let's go make some memories there!

Leading up to the day, we will be in contact about the details of your wedding. You will have questions about timing- from the getting-ready shots to the dancing and I will help walk you through how many hours you need for capturing what is important to you. I also ask for a family shot list which is very specific- you let me do the organizing so that you can just smile :)

On your wedding day, I will capture what you have deemed to be important. A typical day includes capturing your dress and details, you hanging out with your bridal party, getting into your dress as your mom wipes the tear from her cheek, the ceremony, bridal party photos, couple photos, reception and dancing. I not only take photos of the events, but also candids throughout the entire day capturing the laughter, tears, and insane dancing of those you love. 

Just want me for the ceremony, couple photos, bridal party photos, and beginning of reception on your day? Inquire for shorter hours that still capture the main part of your day!